Inside these PAGES lie the Fanfiction & Original Works of Illiandyandra & AnniKay

ADULT FICTION                                                                               FAMILY FRIENDLY FICTION

Within these two broader categories the Fanfiction works are categorized by the Sidekick the works revolve around

Dana Scully Dana Scully (This Sidekick quickly became her own Hero)


Willow Rosenberg  Willow Rosenberg (Proud Sidekick)


Stephanie Plum Stephanie Plum (The Series is named for her but she is still Hero Support for Ranger)


Hermione Granger  Hermione Granger (Proud Sidekick)


Mercedes Jones  Mercedes Jones (Involuntary Sidekick…lets keep it real…She had way more talent than the show’s ‘Hero’)


Darcy Lewis   Darcy Lewis (Proud Sidekick)


Samantha Puckett   Sam Puckett (Less Sidekick…more bodyguard)



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