ADULT Fiction

Follow Your Arrow to Your Favorite Sidekick

Scully in Lingerie   Dana Scully (This Sidekick quickly became her own Hero)

Willow for Title Banner  Willow Rosenberg (Proud Sidekick)

Emmy Rossum (Stephanie Plum) in Lingerie  Stephanie Plum (The Series is named for her but she is still Hero Support for Ranger)

Hermione for Title Bar   Hermione Granger (Proud Sidekick)

Color Amber Riley in Black Lingerie   Mercedes Jones (Involuntary Sidekick…lets keep it real…She had way more talent than the show’s ‘Hero’)

Darcy for Title Bar  Darcy Lewis (Proud Sidekick)

Sam Puckett in Lingerie  Sam Puckett (Less Sidekick…more bodyguard)