Hero Support Society

With a over of twenty years of fiction writing Illy & Anni have both always favored writing about the sidekicks…well except for Scully & Mulder, that was just writing what they needed to see happen. The ‘Will They Won’t They’ thing almost drove these two intrepid authoresses to insanity and beyond.

The term ‘Sidekick’, thanks to the Disney film SKYHIGH, has become Hero Support. Annikay and Illiandyandra bring to your their own Hero Support Appreciation Society. Their works focus on their favorite female sidekicks and rectifying the perceived wrongs done to them in their canons.

Illiandyandra and Annikay hope that you will all read and enjoy their works.



The Authors favorite Fandoms and Ships include but are not limited to (in Chronological order):

Highlander (TV) Duncan/Anyone But TESSA

X-files Mulder/Scully; Mulder/Scully/Skinner; Maggie/Skinner

Buffy & Angel Willow/Xander; Willow/Xander/Angel or Spike

OC Ryan/Taylor; Seth/Summer

Stargate SG1 O’Neill/Carter/Jackson

CSI Warwick/Catherine; Catherine/Grissom; Nick/Warwick; Madame Heather/Grissom

Harry Potter Harry/Hermione; Hermione/Multi(No Ron); Golden Trio; Ron/Luna; Ginny/Neville

Criminal Minds Morgan/Garcia; JJ/Spencer

Stephanie Plum Ranger/Stephanie; Ranger/Stephanie/Merry Men

iCarly Sam/Freddie; Spencer/Sam/Freddie

VicTORIous Tori/Andre; Beck/Jade

 GLEE Sam/Mercedes; Puck/Mercedes; Mercedes/Any Male other then Kurt

Their Favorite Bashes are 



Marissa Cooper

Sara Sidle

Dumbledore, Ginny, Molly, Ron

Joseph Morelli & Helen (Ellen) Plum

Spencer Shay

Rachel Berry

Random Disclaimers: Harry Potter, and all the characters associated there with belong to JK Rowling, Scholastic, and a bunch of people who are not me. I make no profit from this story and suing me would only yield a whole bunch of well-loved books. Also not mine; Buffy and Angel people all belong to Joss; I can’t for the life of me remember who The Highlander folks belong to I think the guy with the typewriter. But alas they nor the CSI crew do not belong to me. Neither do the Glee people or the Sleepy Hollow folks. Basically if you recognize them, or have seen them on TV of in a Book, they ain’t mine.